The Rise of The “Filler” Feature

Rising to prominence in the 1930s, and maintaining its place on the big screen throughout the 1940s, the B feature saw the creation of cheaper films in an effort to entice audiences at a time where the American economy was failing, and the industry was losing its position in American society. As the B movie […]

Mass-Media Glow-Up: Why Is TV So Pretty?

The formula for the typical television sit-com seems to consist of wide-shots, medium shots, two-shots, high-key lighting, and not a lot of visual change. However, recent series are bringing a challenge to this standard and rewriting the rules of what it’s possible to do (or spend) with a TV series. Stylistic shooting is bringing more […]

Music Is Still A Powerful Political Tool

There are many who believe that the role of a musician is to entertain, certainly not to get involved in politics. They see artists such as Beyoncé, Katy Perry, and Pharrell Williams publicly endorsing Hillary Clinton in last year’s US Presidential Election and groan. It is true that often musicians try and use their influence […]